PixHole is no longer available in the App Store. A newer better version will be available in a near future… stay tuned!



PixHole is a photographic game that takes picture guessing to a whole new level and offers a new unique way to enjoy Instagram! It is simple and funny and may become very addictive.

PixHole is based on Instagram: if you have an account you can play with your own photos, your likes, your feed, etc… If you don’t have an Instagram account, or you are offline, you can play anyway with a special selection of 140 featured photos by 63 of the greatest Instagram artists that agreed to have their photos directly inside the app.

PixHole offers a unique way to enjoy Instagram since users can check, for example, their feed while playing with the newly added photos… after each stage users can like the photo (or follow/unfollow as well) or even open the Instagram app directly to the played photo in order to comment it or check author’s info and then go back to PixHole to resume the game.

After the game PixHole update the score to Game Center so players could challenge their friends around the world… There are also 40 special achievements to complete… and at the end of the game players could post their score to Facebook and twitter.

PixHole seems a puzzle game but it’s completely different from standard puzzle: you don’t have to rearrange a photo divided in piece… in PixHole photos get drilled and you have to fill the holes by tapping on them to insert one piece at a time before time runs out… it sounds simple (and it is!) but it’s really addictive and the gameplay gets harder stage after stage with several tricks made to confuse players… but it’s better to try it by yourself to really understand and appreciate it.


These are the Instagram artists that have their photos directly inside the app: _benni7, adimindik, alteregoz, bencurious, bindyboo, binkdubbobondi, brahmino, brenton_clarke, bws_c_urbancat, bws_pavelsan, circa_1983, craighowes, cristian_gi, croyable, danilind, danotis, dawnincalidonatellase, eddga, eigoae, einwiller, gericentonze, giariv, ginny_jrt, hannes_becker, herbertschroer, hirozzzz, jeera, journeyofnow, justphotons, kevinclark, kevinruss, kimsayuri, krutaxmcflurry, laurenepbath, lefoxvintage, manamedia, marklobo, mauriziobiagini, mepiesssmerekdavis, miacocoone, nickspud, nchenier, nois7, normster, osnuflaz, pixelmama, puanindya, rmacoustic, robertpaul, romiburianova, sachaleclair, safesolvent, samhorine, smoothdude, speeppola, thekimbots, thomashawk, tylerforesthauser

are you ready to discover some great artists while playing with PixHole?


PixHole is freemium, you can download and play it for free and, if you really like it, you can purchase some extra options. Get it in the App Store right now!




a very fun game which takes picture guessing to a whole new level” – AppPicker.com

Easy on the eyes, and fun to play with, this game definitely gets a nod from us.” - iPhonage.com

…a simple game you can play while you wait for your train, bus and an app you play with for just few minutes to have a quick fun” - Instagramers.com

…the game is surprisingly addictive” - IphonePhotographySchool.com

I have to admit it is addictive!” – ArtOfMob

Consigliata, ottimo passatempo” - Leonardo.it



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